Will Martin

London Based Ceramics Artist

Will Martin

Will Martin creates immersive environments, often using ceramics and food as narrative elements. For his commission with Hart Shoreditch for London Design Festival 2023, he has designed a water bottle that reflects the hotel’s rich history and tangible essence. Drawing inspiration from Victorian-era bottles unearthed in the area as well as the design details and intricacies of the buildings finishings, Will’s aim is to capture and distill Hart’s aesthetic into a beautiful everyday object for guests to use. Using the bottle brings awareness to the tactile and ergonomic shape, as well as sustainable design principles.

Will’s passion for ceramics started at the age of 8 when he first discovered pottery. He went on to study Anthropology, Art History and English before doing a Masters at Christie’s Education in Modern and Contemporary Art History. These days Will can be found creating new work from his South London studio, as well as teaching both locally and internationally. His current practice revolves around tableware and narrative supper clubs as a way of foregrounding museums and collaborating with other artists.

Will’s sturdy ceramic carafes with a long use life will replace disposable plastic bottled water in our rooms. Please find the water machine on each corridor and use these carafes to supply filtered drinking water for your room.